May 26, 2016

Idiom Slackbot

Have a colleague or two that commonly butcher idioms. Use Slack? You have the the perfect opportunity to create a Slackbot for some of the misused idioms. I found the perfect solution after diving into Slack customization. Here is the dead simple process:

  • While logged into Slack, choose Customize Slack by hovering over your name in the upper left corner of the desktop app
  • In the customization screen, choose the Slackbot tab
  • Click Add New Response
  • In the when someone says… field add a term that will trigger Slackbot’s response
    • In my case, we used say what?
  • In the slackbot responds… field, add the responses you want to use
    • We used these gems:
      • Actions speak louder than a drop of the hat
      • I’m just speaking out loud
      • Don’t cry over spoiled milk
      • That’s the last draw
    • Just be sure to add each new response on a separate line
  • Now whenever anyone uses say what? in Slack, they will get a misused idiom in return

Slack also allows you to add images as Slackbot responses. To add an image:

  • Find an appropriate image
    • Ecards always say it best. We used the following:
  • The image needs to be accessible to everyone and that is accomplished by
    • Uploading the image in Slack
    • Opening the image and choosing View public link
    • That will give you an image link such as
  • Copy the public link
  • Paste the link in the slackbot responds field
  • Save

Slackbot will randomly return the idioms and pictures you add and provide a little comic relief among your colleagues. Now whenever someone abuses the English language, someone inevitably replies say what? and slackbot delivers the good in the goods in the form of bad idioms. Some of you could care less about this; others of you will think this is the cat’s socks.




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