November 16, 2015

I was hacked

My tale is not different from countless other people who have had their sites hacked. I was receiving some odd warnings from my WordPress site late one night. Naturally, I did not see them until the following morning and decided to check out my site.

You guessed it, I saw some hacker note and a song playing perpetually on my homepage. In some ways this was a pain…having to scour the db to try and locate any nefarious code, scan the logs for IP traffic out of the norm, and after all that, blow away the content.

It was rather liberating to just start anew and I am back at it. I can’t promise to blog consistently or on consistent topics for that matter. I tend to range from code geekery to commentary on just about anything to sports and writing. Being hacked pushed me into this new format and platform. That is one good thing that came from being hacked.

I am trying a few new plugins to try and prevent future hacks. Not that I know much about the following (they were either recommended to me or I liked the reviews they received). Always like to hear recommendations. Here is what I launched with:

  • Limit logins
  • Jetpack – using many of their features and testing a few others
  • Wordfence – offering up some semblance of site security
  • Cloudflare – caching and minifying of code

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